Boobs, Beer, and Conversation

WOW! So that’s what they call a good date!

Yep. She had boobs! We had beer! And good conversation!

Woo hoo!

How do I express my happy-beer-glow? Simple!

Boobs! Woo Hoo! Beer! Woo Hoo! Conversation! Woo Hoo!

And, the question none of you have even considered yet? Date #2? Tomorrow night? Maybe!

Still Uno!



3 Responses

  1. Well congratulations! Does this gal know she’s being blogged about?

    • Yep! In fact, I sent her a link to the blog before we even met. I also know she’s read at least some of it, and yet she still went out with me! She did wonder at what I would write about her, but I assured her that I don’t kiss and tell (unless it’s really, really bad) and that she was safe with me. And I wasn’t lying. That post is the most you will get out of me without her sitting next to me, giving her permission.

  2. Yay!

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