The Birthday Dilemma

So, tomorrow is my 32nd birthday. 32 years old. No kids. No wife. No girlfriend. Not even a real prospect. Not even a messy divorce to blame it all on. Just me. I’m not the hit-on kinda guy, and everyone know’s it’s the hit-on kinda guy that gets the girl (apparently it’s something about actually talking to them, or so I hear).

So here’s the dilemma, what do I do? I want most of those things (not in that order, obviously) but don’t know how to go about it. I’ve been doing the dating thing and that doesn’t seem to be working out (either they don’t respond or they do respond and I wish they hadn’t). I don’t get hit-on myself. I don’t have a friend pool to really pull from (not to say there aren’t women in the circles I run in that I wouldn’t date, it’s just that their friends, and they’re everyone’s friends, so if it goes bad…). No one sets me up with other people (apparently I am unique — weird — enough that NO one — and I mean NO one — knows anyone that might be right for me). And they’re not coming to my front door.

So what do I do?

God, I don’t even have an ex to hook up with. I’ve already run through that very short list!

Well, I guess I could just run over a girl on my new bike…

Novara Aspen, my new bike.

Novara Aspen, my new bike.

Do you think CPR counts as a first kiss?

Still single and pedaling towards love,


5 Responses

  1. WOW! Your life sucks! Oh, but don’t worry about that. It’ll be over soon. You’re already 32. hehehe

    Just start talking to everyone. I know you. You are wonderful! Talented, bright, funny, family oriented, attractive! My goodness, man! Show the women how great you are. You are like a Christmas package stuck behind the tree that someone will be delighted to see the contents of once unwrapped!

  2. Welcome to the big 32!!! I hit that number a few days ahead of you, and was told (by a younger family member) to start acting my age! The thing is, I do, I just consider that at 32 I’m young, and have time to keep having fun, and I’ll settle when I’m good and ready (or never, what’s it to them?).


  3. Happy Birthday, bro! Nice bike!!! I wish I knew the right girl for you. You definitely deserve an awesome chick–more so than some of the douches who are in relationships right now! If I had any friends, I’d gladly set you up. You and I have the same problem…we don’t get out enough to have a social circle. We need to get out more!

  4. I have a new bike too… it’s a pink Townie with a baby seat on the back 🙂 I don’t know what to say about the rest of your post, except to say… HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🙂 and I hope you find something or someone exciting to do 🙂

  5. I think you and Shawna would get a long well, but you are not up here and she puts in as many hours as I do (if not more). I don’t see that working out with you too well.

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