2010 WNBR Portland Photos — Warning! SINSFTS (Some Images Not Safe For The Sighted)

OK, so I said I would post photos…

I may regret this…

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Of course, you might regret that too…

Still single and completely laying the blame on the damn sun and Burger King!



Boobs and why guys like them

Boobs. Breasts. Ta-tas. Melons. Call them what you want, guys love them! Big, small, perky, and even hanging low, guys just like boobs! They’re wonderful! They’re like fleshy toys we just want to play with. And women are always asking why! Why do guys like boobs so much? What is so fascinating about boobs?

Well, I’m going to let the secret out. I’m going to tell you the simple truth about guys and boobs. You see, it all started with the first piece of clothing that covered a woman’s chest. Ever since then, they have been filling our dreams and dragging our eyes down when we talk to you. We can’t help it. It’s natural to want that which we can’t have. By hiding them under clothing, we can’t see them, so now we really, really want to see them! Now they’re special. If they were out all the time, we’d lose interest. They’d just be another body part. But they’re not, so we ogle and stare and make complete fools out of ourselves just to get a peek!

And let me tell you, those push-up, pull-up, cleavage-enhancing bras you all are wearing these days don’t help. Not only is there now yet another layer of clothing, but it’s making them look younger, firmer, and even more appetizing! That’s Victoria’s real secret! Hide it, but let them know you have it, and they’ll want it even more!

You want guys to stop caring about your boobs? Show them to us. Don’t be shy. The more we see them, the less interested we’ll be. I promise. Just look at the African tribes where the women’s boobs are just out there for all to see. No one pays them any mind at all.

And women, stop worrying about the size. For the most part, guys don’t actually care how big or small they are as long as they are there and we can see, feel, touch, or taste them! Be proud of what you have! We would, if we had them!

Still single,