Lesbians Are Complicated

If I had a dime for every time I’ve heard a woman tell me “Men are assholes, I should just become a lesbian” I’d have…well, realistically I’d only have about a buck. But my response will always be the same–“Lesbian relationships are just as, if not more complicated!”

You want an example? Say you’re friends with someone. Say you and someone are staying overnight in a crowded house and you and that same someone share a bed. Voluntarily, mind you! Say that you and that someone spend some time laying in bed, cuddling up, and whispering secrets and talking about hopes for the future. Say you and that someone have a nice, comfortable evening together and all is dandy. What does it mean to you?

Chances are, if you’re two heteros of opposite sex, it means that you’re having some kind of connection and that you’re probably both thinking about getting it on. But if you’re gay? Well, then things are a bit more complicated, aren’t they? Because girls have a special role for each other, and that includes cuddling–even in the straightest of hetero friendships. Girls like to cuddle. Girls like to share secrets. Girls like to be close. So then how the hell does a lesbian know if she’s a friend of a girlfriend?!

Well there’s one easy way to tell–just wait until the next morning! Because a night of shared cuddling between two lesbians will ultimately result in someone needing to discuss what went on. And there will have to be a conversation about what it all means. And someone will have to say “we’re just friends, right?” and someone else will have to say “of course we’re just friends. I love you.” It can get very complicated for lesbians to be friends!

So, dear readers, let me make a blanket statement just to clear the air. I am not interested in bedding you. Even if I kiss you or make out with you for an hour, I’m not interested in having sex with you. If I want to screw you, you will know because I will tell you. Are we all clear on that now?


What’s In A Kiss?

What is a kiss? Is it a lip-locking, tongue-thrusting, mouth-watering pressure-packed-punch of passion-producing-probing? Or is it soft, sweet, and sensual? Where do your hands go? Are your eyes open? Do you nibble?

I want to know! So, answer the damn polls!!!

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What I Miss Most

When I take the time to stop and reflect on how I feel about my current case of singledom, I generally find that I’m not unhappy being single. Most of the time, I actually kind of enjoy it. It means I can plan my weekends without consulting someone else. It means I don’t have to shave my legs if I don’t want to. It means that I don’t have to deal with someone else’s array of personal issues when I’d rather face my own. I don’t even miss the sex. And really, I don’t get lonely because I can almost always find someone to go to the movies or dinner with me.

What I do miss, is the kissing. Ohhhhh, the kissing. All varieties; the good morning peck, the public lip-lock, the soft and caring forehead kiss, the deeply penetrating “I-Want-You” frenchie. *sigh* There’s something particularly fantastic about kissing, and I’m not the kind of person who can make out with a friend and not feel awkward about it later. I think the joy of kissing is that giddy feeling I used to get as a kid, when kissing was the most intimate thing two people could do together. It was a rush of blood, a facial flush, a galloping heart, and a flip-flopping stomach. Am I alone in remembering those giddy days?

Sealed with a kiss,