Stop Looking!

Got some advice from a good, and very jaded, friend tonight on how to get women (she’s a woman) that was essentially “stop looking”. This isn’t bad advice… for people that aren’t me!

OK. So, here’s the deal. I have spent most of my life “not” looking for a mate. Really, I have. I figured that I would just meet her, randomly, like in a movie. It didn’t work (or, at least, hasn’t so far).

I always thought it was because I couldn’t tell when women were interested. Because I didn’t walk up and randomly hit on women. And most importantly because I didn’t go to college (and therefore never learned the art of picking up chicks).

As it turns out, I was almost right.

Sure, all of those things have a bearing on whether or not I meet “the one” (or even “you’ll do”). But even taken together, the likelihood of not meeting someone is really unlikely! I mean, random things happen every day, right! Given my interactions with women, I was bound to screw up eventually and actually meet someone!


And I’ve come to a realization over the years as to why that is. It’s my personality! I have a pretty good one. I’m nice and non-threatening. I care and I listen. Sure, I make a fair number of rude and/or off-color remarks (I am a “perpetual line stepper” according to my friend Travis), but it’s all in fun. People like me.

Do you see the problem yet? No? Well, put it all together…

I am:
girl’s-interested challenged
pick-up-on-chicks challenged
collegiately-dating challenged
a listener
I care

“What’s that spell!!!” (sorry, cheerleader fantasy come true)

I’ll tell you what that spells! One of two things. I’m either:
A: Gay
B: Married

I am, and have never been, either of those!

So what do I do? If I go out looking for the girl, I don’t seem to find her. If I don’t look for the girl, she doesn’t find me!

Damnit! Why is life so difficult!!!

Still single and having a hard time choosing between the assless chaps or a wedding ring,



The Freedoms #1

So there good things about being single. One of which I demonstrated this weekend. Movie choices.

Is it really that big of a deal, being able to watch the movie you want to watch, without having to consider another opinion? No. Not really. But it sure doesn’t cause stress, either.

The story:

So, wanting to include a female friend of mine, I asked if she wanted to see a movie this weekend and suggested the new Transformers. Turns out, she’s not into the transformers things, didn’t see the first one, doesn’t want to see this one. So we went back and forth, looking for mutual ground (which there’s a lot of, I like pretty much every type of movie, but there’s a lot I won’t pay the extra money just to see in a theatre… but that’s another post). We finally agreed on “The Soloist”, but the times were not doable.

So what did I end up doing? I went and saw the new transformers movie alone Sunday morning. And I really enjoyed the movie (and Megan Fox!! Holy shit she’s hot).

Did I actually prove my point, that it’s less stressful sometimes being single? No, cause I tried not to do it alone, thus inducing stress.
Will I stop trying to take girls out to movies? Not likely.
Do I regret asking her out? Nope.
So what does this mean in the grand scheme of things? Probably nothing.

But I do know one thing… I’m still single. And I’m going to shut up now.