What’s In A Kiss?

What is a kiss? Is it a lip-locking, tongue-thrusting, mouth-watering pressure-packed-punch of passion-producing-probing? Or is it soft, sweet, and sensual? Where do your hands go? Are your eyes open? Do you nibble?

I want to know! So, answer the damn polls!!!

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A Good Date

What makes a good date? I think the obvious component of chemistry is necessary, but then what? If you have fantastic chemistry with someone, is it enough to sit on a park bench and mumble obscenities about the joggers running by in tiny shorts? I’m talking about a first date here. I could easily sit with a good friend and mumble obscenities for hours on end! But if we’re talking about that all-important first date, what is required?

Interaction, of course. I mean, that other person ought to show some interest in my life. They don’t have to memorize the details of my family tree, but I’d like them to have some idea of what I do for a living by the end of the night. Does there have to be some physical contact? And how much? I mean, I enjoy someone who is willing to be near me, but sometimes a kiss seems forced if it isn’t natural. And sometimes I’m ready to hop into bed after a two hour date, but sometimes it’s totally inappropriate. Do you have to had the late night conversation that lasts until dawn?

What makes a really great first date?

Manion Seeking Woman

What the hell is a manion? Simple, it’s a hybrid, or a work-in-progress.

A Manion is a man that is transitioning from a man to a companion. (See previous post for definitions)

So, I’m a manion looking for a woman. What about you?

Have you ever . . .