What’s In A Kiss?

What is a kiss? Is it a lip-locking, tongue-thrusting, mouth-watering pressure-packed-punch of passion-producing-probing? Or is it soft, sweet, and sensual? Where do your hands go? Are your eyes open? Do you nibble?

I want to know! So, answer the damn polls!!!

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What am I REALLY looking for in a woman?

nice butt
lazy with an ambitious twist
emotionally aware
looks good in a baseball cap
not picky about food
good tipper
sexual, but not overly so
easy laugher
not to serious
wants to get lost with me
great eyes
not religious
free thinker
likes sports
wants me

Have you ever done this? Made an in-comprehensive list of wants in a mate? No order or pattern, just what comes to mind?

I know some who think this is key to finding someone. That if you don’t define what you’re looking for, you won’t know when you find it. Which actually has some merit, I suppose, when you think about it. I mean, how can you know what you want without thinking about what you want? But, then again, do you have to actually list it? Do you have to write it down?

I was once trapped in a car for 3 hours with a friend of mine that forced me to come up with the list while I drove and she wrote down the answers. She said that putting it in writing sent it out to the universe and then you would find what you were looking for.

That was over a year ago. Maybe the wanter has to be the actual writer.

She recently told me she still has the list in her purse, where she put it as soon as the drive was over. It’s kind of weird to think that a list of my wants in women are traveling about the world in the bottom of a purse, gathering dust and lint, and that the list doesn’t represent the desires of the person carrying it.

I wonder if it looks anything like this list?

Hmm… Still single,


The Jealous Type

Am I the jealous type? In a relationship? No. Of those in a relationship? No, not really. Of those who are madly in lust/love? Most definitely!!!!

What brings this up? Well, you see, I have this friend…

Let’s call this friend Girl X. Well, Girl X was in a long-term on-and-off-again relationship with this guy, let’s call him Guy A. Well, Girl X and Guy A were getting along alright, but not spectacularly, and were definitely not meant for the long-haul. I know this, because I was a confidant of Girl X. I head all about it. It’s just that she cared for the guy and had problems telling him exactly how she felt. Well, she’s going along with this thing, living day-to-day, and not really feeling it. Always looking for something else. When, along comes Guy Y.

The connection is nearly instantaneous! They had met a couple times before, but for some reason, this time was different. Enough so, that she immediately decided that it was time to buck up and tell Guy A everything. And, to move back home with her parents because it was over between her and Guy A (yes, they lived together). In fact, it was so good that she went on vacation with Guy X for like a week.

So, today, I saw her for the first time since returning from the aforementioned vacation. She was absolutely glowing. It was a morning-after-sex-glow, only brighter! They’re talking about moving. They’re talking about traveling. They’re talking about having fun.

Of this, I am jealous! I am sooooo damn jealous it’s not even funny!

Wy can’t I find this? Why isn’t it me falling madly in love/lust? Where’s my nice/funny/sweet girl?

Oh love, why doth though deny me?

Still single,