Pickup Lines & The Art of Meeting People

I’m looking to add a page to this here blog and need your help doing it. What I’m looking for are pickup lines and any tips or tricks to breaking the ice when meeting new people.

You know, things like:

“I found a treasure map and it led me to your booty!”
“You have beautiful breasts.” (must be said while looking them in the eye)
“I forgot my name. What’s yours?”
Walk up to a girl. When she looks at you do a quick little jig then stick out your hand and say, “Hi, I’m !”
“Hi! I think I want to know you!”
Play with an ice-cube from your drink and then “accidentally” shoot it at her. Apologize and introduce yourself.

Got anything good? Put them in a comment and I’ll add them to the page.



3 Responses

  1. Here’s some: Your pants must be made of mirrors, cause I can sure see myself in them.
    Nice shoes, wanna f&^*?
    F^*k me if I’m wrong, but haven’t we met before?
    See my friend over there? She wants to know if you think I’m cute.
    Do you have any Indian in you? No? Want some?
    I’m a complete Jackass.
    You look just like my first Ex-husband (guy says, how many times have you been married, girl says None)

  2. See that jaguar over there? It’s yours if you go out with me tonight.

  3. Pickup lines are not the answer. There’s no magic pill that effortlessly takes you from total stranger to sexual partner. In my (considerable) experience, “lines” do not work. There’s no substitute for doing the work and improving your game.

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