Changing My Gameplan

2009 was a year of disappointments, weird sexual encounters, and wonderful new friendships. I’m going to focus on the friendship angle. I’m going to look for a friend, a confidant, a companion of the opposite sex. No more desperate dating on desperate websites. No more late night Craigslist adds of questionable intent. No more basing my dating choices strictly on looks. No more searching for meaningless sex. I’m done with all that. Besides, I can’t really have meaningless sex anyway. It always means something, even if it just means I feel guilty later…

So, 2010, you’re here, I’m here… what do you say we get it o… I mean, let’s talk!

Still single and now looking at what’s on the inside,



So… the girl from the blind date read my last blog (I gave it to my friend and she passed it along). Only problem is that it made her feel kind of bad and me look like I was desperately impatient. And now that I re-read it from her perspective, I feel bad! Cause I can totally see her point.

Sure, I started off with the “Oh me! Oh my! How lame, oh lame, am I?” crap, but at the end it could easily be interpreted like I was putting it all on her by saying she now had my contact info but hadn’t contacted me! Like that’s fair! I’m the lame one that didn’t talk to her on our date! And, of course, that wasn’t what I meant (famous last words)! The part about her not contacting me yet was there for dramatic affect. Anyone that knows me knows I do that!

Oh, but wait, she doesn’t know me! I didn’t talk to her! How could she know that?

You know, sometimes, I can be really stupid!

But, there is a silver lining! We do still have the second date planned. It looks like it will be sooner then I originally thought (YAY!). And, best of all, she’s still looking forward to it! (thus the title of this post)

So, blind date girl (no I’m not giving you guys her name), if you happen to read this, please understand that while I may be an idiot at times, I’m usually a well-intentioned idiot. And, that I’m sorry for not talking to you in the first place. I promise, I totally plan on talking to you on our next date! In fact, I stopped on my way home tonight and bought some Miracle Grow (I checked, it says it works on nuts) just to make sure!

Still single… but hoping!


Oh, and just to clarify, this is not desperately impatient. This is anxious and excited.

OK… I really have to shut-up now!

Now What?

Okay. First date down. Now I just have to…

I have to…


Crap! What I really want to do is talk to her. Get to know her better. Go on another date.

But how do I do that without looking sad and desperate?

I know, maybe I should send her a stupid-funny text message!

While drunk!

And I should send it really, really late!

From Pendelton!

Wait, I did that already.


Hmm… This calls for contemplation!

Still single and (Stop thinking about her boobs!) contemplating,


Do I Have “Sucker” Written On My Forehead?

Oh, no. I’ve gone and done it again! I’ve joined yet another online-dating thing! And this time I’ve gone completely batty!

I just joined e-harmony!

What have I done? Why do I feel a need to put myself through this?

Why am I allowed to carry a credit card and use the internet?

Why? Why? Why?

Still single . . . and now e-harmoniously desperate,