The Little Round Frog

This has nothing to do with dating or being single. It’s just a children’s poem that I wrote that I rather like! ~Scott

The Little Round Frog

The Little Round Frog

by Scott Weaver

Born in the mud,

From under a log,

On a backwater creek,

Come a funny little frog.

Now most frogs come out,

Two eyes and a tail,

With no arms or legs,

They look like a snail.

This frog, though,

Was just a squishy little ball,

With two eyes in the middle,

And no tail at all.

Now most frogs, they swim,

‘Til that tail falls off,

To reveal two little legs,

All ready to hop.

But our little frog,

Not able to swim,

Quickly lost sight of that log,

As the waves carried him.

Away and away,

Our little frog went,

Down that backwater creek,

Only going where it sent.

Until finally one day,

With a resounding “ker-plop”,

He was tossed on a rock

Where he came to a stop.

Now he might have died right there,

On top of that rock,

If Bob, the white dog,

Hadn’t seen that green spot.

Now, Bob, being curious,

As dogs tend to be,

Crept up to the rock,

To have a look-see.

What he saw was a spot,

With two little eyes,

Looking up at him,

With fear and surprise.

“What are you?”

Bob asked the little green spot,

“I think I’m a frog,

Stuck on a rock”.

“Well, hello little frog,

Stuck on a rock!

I’m Bob the white dog!”

He said to the spot.

“Where are your legs?

That let you hop, hop, hop, hop?”

“I haven’t got any legs.

I just roll and ker-plop!”

“Oh!” said Bob,

“Would you like me to help?

I love helping things!”

He said with a yelp.

And he pushed his black nose,

Down onto the spot,

‘Til it was stuck on the tip,

Like an old piece of snot.

And he raced off to home,

To the pond in the back,

And set the frog down,

On the edge of the grass.

“Thank you!” said the frog,

“I owe you a lot!

If not for you,

I would have died on that rock!”

“Aw, twas nothin’!

Just usin’ my nose!

It’s what friends do for friends,

And we’re friends, don’t you know!”

And that’s how he became,

Did Bob the white dog,

The bestest of friends,

With a little round frog.


Take a Good Whiff…

Believe it, or not, you may actually want to take a second and really smell your next date. Your response to their smell is a good indicator of whether or not you and your date are a good genetic match, immunologically speaking at least.

Yeah, you read that right. How someone smells to you, deep down, past the perfume and bodywash, to the real body odor, can tell you a lot about a persons genetic immune system. The better they smell to you, the more likely they are a good genetic match to you.

How does someone’s scent tell me they’re a good genetic match?
Well, first off you need to understand what you’re smelling. As amazing as it may seem, the sweat that pops up on your forehead and under your arms, and that everyone blames for body odor, doesn’t actually smell. What does smell are the bacteria, or, more correctly, the waste secreted by the bacteria, that reside on all our bodies. You see, the sweat comes out of our pours and is absorbed by the bacteria living on our skin. The bacteria then use the sweat and expel the waste the bacteria has generated. Since they live on your skin, they expel that waste on your skin, and that’s what smells.

So, bacteria smell. How does that translate to my genetic makeup?
Each person has a different set of genes that make up the backbone of your immune system. Based on those genes, you will be (to varying degrees) susceptible or immune to certain diseases and bacteria. Because of this, only the bacteria that you are susceptible to (that your immune system can’t kill) can live on you. And since it’s the bacterial waste that gives you your scent, it indicates which immunity genes you carry.

So if they smell good to me, does that mean they have a similar genetic immunity to me?
Nope. The exact opposite! (who knew that even in genetics, opposites attract) A person’s scent will smell good to you when they don’t smell like you. It’s because, somewhere deep down in our subconscious, we naturally understand that a diverse set of genetics (no inbreeding) means a better chance for our offspring to survive. So, the better they smell to you, (the more diverse their bacteria are to yours) the more likely they are to be carrying immunity genes that you yourself do not, which means your offspring will have a more complete of immunity genes and be immune to more bacteria.

However, if you’re a little worried that burying your nose in your date’s neck and taking a big ol’ whiff might be a little off-turning, there’s a more acceptable solution. Rather then sniffing your date, you can get a spit sample (swab the inside of their cheek) and check their actual genetic immunity against yours. It’s called “Spit Dating”, and it’s coming to a dating scene near you. Click here to learn more.

Who knew that “being led around by your nose” might not be bad thing when it comes to finding your perfect (genetic) match! Crazy, huh!

Still single… and “I was just checking our genetic compatibility! Gosh!”,


P.S. Wondering where I get this crap? TV of course! Here’s the show, Popular Science: The Future Of…, I watched to get this tidbit!